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Product ID: HEAPIPE400
Hot Shot Pipe Thawing Machine, 400 Amp
Details of Rental Item
Power Requirements
115V, 15A (320A) or 20A (400A) Circuit
50' Pipe thawing time (Ideal Conditions)
20 minutes @ 400A
100' Pipe thawing time (Ideal Conditions)
35 minutes @ 400A
Max Pipe Diameter
1.5 inches
Cable Length
2 - 50ft Leads, TOTAL 100ft
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Thaw metal pipes quickly and safely with the General Hot Shot HS-400 Pipe Thawer.
Two Modes: 320A for 15amp circuits or 400A for 20amp circuits
The Hot Shot Pipe Thawer works best on a single run of metal pipe used for water supply. The pressure behind the frozen section of pipe with an open faucet at the other end greatly increases the speed of thawing. (See picture above)
The thawing speed refers to the amount of time it takes to thaw the film of water against the wall of the pipe, the water pressure will take over from there and melt the rest of the ice.

Click here for instructions regarding Hot Water Heating systems.

DO - make sure there is water pressure at one side of the frozen section.
DO - open faucets so moving water can help thaw the pipes.
DO - disconnect all electrical grounds attached to the thawing area.
DO - disconnect other appliances while using the Hot Shot 320.
DO - use only heavy-duty extension cords.
DO - unwind the cables
DO - clean the pipe to ensure a good connection.
DO - connect clamps to the pipe on either side of the frozen section.
DO - make all connections to the pipe before plugging in the Hot Shot 320.
DO - watch for overheating and possible fires.

DO NOT - leave cables wound up
DO NOT - make quick connections to a dirty pipe.
DO NOT - move the clamps while a current is flowing.
DO NOT - leave the Hot Shot 400 unattended.
DO NOT - leave the Hot Shot 400 switched "ON" overnight.
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