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Portable Air Conditioner (AC Unit)
Self-contained and portable, this air conditioner is designed to provide instant spot cooling and air conditioning exactly where it's needed.
Can be used in offices, shops, interior rooms etc.
***Can be used in tents or outdoors only for spot cooling, will not cool an uninsulated area***
Rent 24^ Evaporative Cooler (not air conditioner)
This Port-A-Cool JetStream cooler rental cools 2,000 square feet at a 7,500 CFM air flow. Simply connect the JetStream to a garden hose or fill the 48 gallon built-in tank. This evaporative cooler lowers temperatures up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit but is not an air conditioner in that it does not use a compressor. It merely introduces a cool water mist into the atmosphere. The temperature drop is dependent on what the water temperature in the incoming garden hose or on board supply tank is at.
ZipWall Dust Barrier System Rental - 4-Pole Kit
Zippers are avaliable for purchase to create "doors". This dust barrier system rental comes with two foam rails and four gripstops.

This ZipWall dust barrier system rental is perfect for a number of applications like keeping a store open during a major renovation or keeping dust to a minimum in living quarters during home remodeling and additions.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11
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