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Floor Beam Jack Stand
Use this tall hydraulic floor beam jack stand system to raise up sagging floors above basements, in barns, sheds and other remodeling processes. Hydraulic tall jacks are much safer than wooden beams.


Minimum Height with Norco 76520 bottle jack 78" (6.5 feet)
Maximum Height with Norco 76520 bottle jack 113" (9.41 feet)
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The Shingle Hog
Removal rates up to 15 square/hour
The Shingle Hog was designed by a roofer to help all roofers. It greatly reduces the time and physical pain of removing shingles while leaving more energy to put on the new roof. The result is a completed roof project in a shorter period of time and less aches and pains.

Thoroughly tested on actual roofing projects, The Shingle Hog proved to be highly durable. The Shingle Hog also reduced the time of tearing off a roof by 70% to 90%. As a result, a typical three-man crew can be reduced to a two-man crew, resulting in significant savings in wages, benefits and a quick payback. In addition, The Shingle Hog always shows up for work.
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