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Rent Tractor Attachment 2.3yd PTO Pull Behind Top Dresser
Rent the MillCreek Turf Tiger Cub TopDresser to apply or "top dress" nearly any material wet or dry. Often referred to as a compost spreader or mulch spreader or soil spreader or sand spreader. Can be used as a manure spreader only if the material is similiar in texture to mulch.........no clumps over 2-3" or wet material. Also known as a pull behind compost spreader or pull behind top dresser or sometimes referred to as a mushroom soil spreader
Rent Tractor Attachment 72^ Primary Seeder.
Rent this 3-point attachment - the best way to seed in prepared soil creating new lawns or meadows larger than a 1/2 acre in size. Not to be used in existing sod but in prepared soil. All it does is place and press the seed into loose soil. Used for seeding large open areas quickly in one pass. Use for lawn seeding /w tractor
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