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Paint Sprayer, Portable 20V Cordless
Paint whatever you need with this easy to use paint sprayer
Runs at 2000PSI
INCLUDES FF LP514 TIP (Only use this tip as it is designed for the lower 2000PSI spray pump on this sprayer)
Pressure Washer Trailer, 3500 PSI, 4.7GPM, Hot
A complete pressure washer package. Includes hose reels, water tank, pressure pump and burn chamber capable of standard hot pressure washing or switchable to a steam cleaner by reducing flow and increasing heat.
For the very toughest jobs... uses hot water to blast through the toughest grime, stains, and anything else. Our hot water pressure washer raises incoming ground water (55 degrees) approximately 100 degrees.
Rent a Graco Texture Sprayer
Rent the Graco RTX900 Texture Sprayer for all types of Texture finishes: Orange Peel, Popcorn, Knockdown, and Splatter Texture. Sometimes referred to as drywall hopper, drywall texture sprayer, popcorn sprayer, mortar sprayer etc
Rent a Paint Sprayer, Electric, Airless
Paint whatever you need with this easy to use paint sprayer
Runs at 3300 PSI/ 0.45 gal/min
Low cost Daily Paint Sprayer Tips are available for purchase. See the Tip Selection Chart for proper sizing
NOTE: The best way to determine the exact tip size needed is to refer to the paint can or manufacturer's website, recommended tip sizes are almost always published. Ask a Gap Power Team Member if you need assitance with this.
Rent a Steam Jenny, 120gph, 100-200psi, 115V
Use this steam jenny to clean and sanitize restaurant equipment. Steam cleaners use a lot of heat and very little water. This one heats water to about 320 degrees.
***REQUIRES 10,000 W Generator or above due to high startup amps**
Rotating Scrubber, Tile and Hard Surface Cleaner A
Use with a pressure washer between 2500 PSI and 4000 PSI.

Great for cleaning interior hard surfaces like tile cleaning, concrete shop floors, and any surface with grout lines.
Use for cleaning tile, concrete and other hard surfaces where water containment and discharge is required.
Telescoping Wand, 18 ft
Wash your whole house from the safety of the ground. No more standing on ladders to get the job done.
Also referred to as a giraffe wand.
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