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Air Lifter. Air Sled. Move appliances
Move cabinets (i.e. heavy Stanley Vidmar cabinets) and appliances (i.e. washers, refridgerators, stoves) with ease and without scratching your floor. Works especially well to move Sub-Zero appliances. Also useful as a moving dolly for pool tables etc. when a piece of lumber is used to span from one support leg to another,
Appliance Cart Rental, Manual Stair Climber
The versatile MintCraft 700 pound capacity appliance cart allows moving of various appliances, cabinets and boxes with ease and safety. This dolly is outfitted with rubber treads, protective plastic pads, non-marring wheels, and webbed straps to keep your items scratch free. Also referred to as a refrigerator dolly.
Heavy Equipment Rollers Rental
Steel chain sets move equipment on ordinary concrete floors. Note that we rent this as a set of (4)....or individually. The rate is for a full set and will be adjusted if renting fewer than (4). Sometimes referred to as a machine skate or machinery dolly or machinery roller or machine skates.
Pry Bar Lever, Johnson Bar, 11,000 LB
This heavy-duty steel pry bar lever (often referred to as a Johnson Bar) has a special nose plate to lift heavy objects. Steel casters and a 6ft handle help move heavy equipment with less strain.
Rent a Ladder Stabilizer, for extension ladder
AC78 QuickClick™ Stabilizer spans 44in and provides a standoff of Requires no tools to attach to ladder. Spring-loaded locking latch makes it easier and quicker to install/remove than any other stabilizer on the market. Mar-resistant rubber end caps protect the work surface. Paint can hook is included.
Shingle Lift, Electric, 400lb Capacity
Don't break your back lifting shingles to the roof, let the HD-400 Safety Hoist do the work for you.
Operated via a heavy duty drill, this shingle hoist can lift 400 lbs of shingles without breaking a sweat.
VacuWorx Vacuum Lifting System, 700LB Capacity
Lift and remove concrete slabs, stone, etc... The vacuum pump rental can also be used to place flagstone with ease.
Lifting Pad can be removed from cart and suspended from any lifting source. For example, hang from the bucket of a stand-on skidloader to move around flagstone or concrete.
Material being lifted should not be more than 3 times the length and width of the pad
Showing 1 - 40 of 40
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