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Air Lifter. Air Sled. Move appliances
Move cabinets (i.e. heavy Stanley Vidmar cabinets) and appliances (i.e. washers, refridgerators, stoves) with ease and without scratching your floor. Works especially well to move Sub-Zero appliances. Also useful as a moving dolly for pool tables etc. when a piece of lumber is used to span from one support leg to another,
Appliance Cart Rental, Manual Stair Climber
The versatile 700 pound capacity appliance cart allows moving of various appliances, cabinets and boxes with ease and safety. This dolly is outfitted with rubber treads, protective plastic pads, non-marring wheels, and webbed straps to keep your items scratch free. Also referred to as a refrigerator dolly
Buckingham Hydraulic Jack, Pump and Pistons Only
Two 5-ton jack cylinders do the lifting, and are extended with a hydraulic hand pump. Precise lifting and weight readings are achieved by viewing the pressure gauge and using a conversion rate of 1000 lbs of hydraulic pressure = 1 ton of weight.
Used with Buckingham Jacking-Shoring Posts:
Hand-Held Battery-Powered Vacuum Lifting Tool Suction Cup
Lift and position glass, metal, plastic, wood, tile, concrete, drywall, rouch slate, pavers etc... with this innovative hand-held battery-powered vacuum lifter.
Like a Suction Cup set but with more capacity and works on various surfaces.
**Included handle allows placing of pavers while standing up**
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