Rental | Terms & Policies

Basis for Rental Rates

1/2 Day Any 4-5 hour period. Pro-rate after 5 hours, a day at 6 hours out.
1/2 Day, Overnight. Out after 4pm, due in 8am next day. In use 4 hours or less.
Day Expires 24 hours later. 1 day out. In use 8 hours or less.
Day, Weekend Out after 4pm Friday, due by 8am Monday. In use 8 hours or less.
Week Due 7 consecutive days later. In use 40 hours or less.
28 Days Due 28 consecutive days later. In use 160 hours or less.

Pro-Rate Charges

For extra time out or for additional hours in use:

Period Max Hrs Charge & Multiplier
1/2 Day 4 1/4 of rate for each additional hour.
Day 8 1/8 of rate for each additional hour.
Week 40 1/40 of rate for each additional hour.
28 Days 160 1/160 of rate for each additional hour.

Cleaning Charges

Return items clean. Cleaning if necessary will be billed at shop labor rate x cleaning hours.

Delivery Charges

Based on road mileage from Gap Power to the delivery point. View Rates

Fuel Charges

All machines sent with a full tank. Diesel machines to be returned full or you have the option of having us fill it and bill the rate in effect that week locally.


Boom type man lifts require operator training. We have resources to direct you to for training. At delivery of machine, we spend as much time as needed to familiarize you & all operators with the machine. We ask you to complete & sign a Lift Responsibility Form prior to renting stating that you take responsibility for training of all operators.

Visit our store at your first rental, meet us, let us show you the process, answer any questions, etc. We accept most credit cards and offer commercial in-house charges to credit approved accounts.

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