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Forklift, 5,000 lb, 3 Section, Propane
Basic warehouse forklift w/ limited use on non paved surfaces.Some propane included w/ rental price. (1) tank included PLUS (1) spare tank sent upon request. You are responsible for acquiring propane after (2) tanks are used up. We do not refill tanks but can offer local sources at great prices.
Hydraulic Jib Winch Rental for Skytrak. 3 FT.
Extend the versatility of your forklift for any purpose with this forklift truss boom.
Set trusses easily by lowering them into place with this hydraulic winch instead of moving the boom of a telehandler which also creates unwanted horizontal movement. Used as hook for setting trusses.

Rent a Work Platform 180^ Wide - 48^ Deep
This work platform is 192" wide (16') often called a 180" platform.
Note that this platform falls outside of the 10' width specified by most telehandler manufacturers. Any use of this platform is at the sole responsibility of the renter. Platforms are also known as man cages or forklift baskets or fork lift cage
Trash Hopper, 2 yard DUMP STYLE
Use for trash removal on the jobsite. Hopper pivoting feature allows the hopper to rotate on the base for easy dumping without having to tilt the forks forward on down.
Work Platform Rental 108^ Wi. - 48^ Dep. - 45^ Ht.
This work platform is a 114" wide (9' 6") often called a 108" platform or "short 10" referring to the width slightly under 10' that falls within the spec given by manufacturers of telehandlers and referenced by OSHA. Platforms are also known as man cages or forklift baskets or fork lift cage
Showing 1 - 15 of 15
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