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Plasma Cutter Rental, 120/240V, 5/8 Max. Thickness
Tips and electrodes are included with your rental.

Cut mild steel and aluminum with this 120 or 240 volt plasma cutter rental. The more voltage the thicker and faster you can cut. Adapters for various electric receptacles are also included. This plasma cutter requires a minimum of a 6 CFM @ 90 PSI air compressor.

Rent Victor Torch, Mini
No tanks are included in rental rates. These are the mini tanks. Expect about one (1) hour of use per tank. Tanks are available for $40 per set.
Welding Blanket Rental, 10' x 10', 24 oz. material
Protect your work surface from welding splatter with this welding blanket rental. It is made out of a heavy duty 24 oz. material. It is for temporary protection in general purpose welding from things like sparks, spatter, and abrasion. Also known as a fire blanket
Welding Smoke and Fume Extractor Rental
Rent the Enviroflex ESE201A-W-2 Smoke Eater for powerful welding fume extraction. The welding smoke and fume filter rental includes Enviroflex's 99.2% High Efficiency washable filter.
Showing 1 - 9 of 9
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