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Cold Planer for Asphalt. 12^ 13-25 GPM Hyd Std Flo
Able to attach and be powered by standard flow skidloaders. No high flow option required for this milling machine. Side shifts 24" L or R to to cut next to curbs and obstacles. Solid drum pushes millings to the back preventing remilling.
Rent a Rock Bucket for Skidloader
Rent a rock bucket for a skidloader. Nothing you can mount on a skid steer loader works better for picking up rocks in a field than this skeleton style, ribbed bottom bucket.
Rent Sno-Way 90^ Lexan Snow Pusher.. Hydr Angle
Gap Power rents the Sno-Way lexan blade 90" hydraulic angle for big snow jobs. The spring loaded blade can deal with hitting curbs and parking blocks. Get more done in less time by angling the blade left and right without leaving the seat.
Skidloader, (Bobcat style) Rent Kubota SVL90
Rent the really big Kubota SVL90 with track undercarriage to deliver traction required for working in muddy or loose ground conditions. Note the weight 11,299 lbs. It cannot be transported on a standard skid loader trailer. We can deliver it if you need that service.
Stump Grinder Attachment for Skidloader
Stumper 280 ST XHD. Simple, easy to use grinder built for standard flow skid steers with the ability to also run on high flow machines as well. Production of the attachment is comparable to a 35-45hp self propelled grinder depending on the aux. hydraulic gpm and psi that the carrier skid steer produces.
Track, Rent a Skid Loader,  (Bobcat style)
Track undercarriage delivers the traction required for working in muddy or loose ground conditions.
Comes with 66" bucket with a dump height of 93" - other attachments are available.
You can even rent this track skid loader with a catalytic converter for reduced emission levels.

***Ask about our 2 hour rate***
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