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Metal Detector Rental, Ferrous Metals Only
This Magna-Trak metal detector rental allows you to locate ferrous objects (containing Iron) under ground, under snow, or even in water!
magnesium, aluminum, titanium, chromium, nickel, copper, zinc, silver, tin, gold, mercury, lead
Rent a DeWalt Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
This Dewalt DCT416S1 thermal imaging camera rental is a user friendly camera for professionals and homeowners alike. As with all thermal imaging cameras, practice (and experience) makes perfect. Ask for a demonstration when you reserve a rental for this infrared camera. Click here for more information.
Rent an Underground Pipe/Wire Detector
Gap Power is now renting the RadioDetection cable avoidance tool (C.A.T.) underground detection and avoidance tool. The rental includes the Genny which is used to send a signal into the line or conduit you are locating and a 200-foot metal fish tape to convey the signal from within the pipe or conduit.
Rent Leak Detector. Helium Sniffer / Acoustical
This Vivax leak detector rental uses Electroacoustics to pinpoint the site of a leaking water line, not just by audio but also by graph.
The gas sniffer (included) requires a 5% hydrogen, 95% nitrogen gas bottle (we sell them for $150 or you can supply your own). An advance reservation is required (for gas sniffing function).
Call Gap Power today to reserve your leak detector rental.
Rent the Raytek MiniTemp MT6
This non-contact infrared thermometer rental has a laser that reads a 1-inch circle at 10 inches, a 2-inch circle at 20 inches, a 3-inch circle at 30 inches, etc.
Ridgid Navitrak Scout Detector Rental w/ Sonde
Rent the 19238 Navitrak Scout line detector with a Sonde as a stand alone option, or as an accessory for our SNAC100 sewer camera which transmits at 512 Hz. The depth of the pipe calculates automatically and shows on the display when over the target sonde that is located by the camera.

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