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15 Gal Portable Water Tank with 20V DeWalt Battery
The ICS 551494 portable water tank with an included 12 Volt pump runs on 20V DeWalt Battery or run it off of your 12V battery with the supplied cord and clips. It is an ideal companion to any concrete cutting tool requiring water where water is not readily accessible.
Dewalt 20V cordless water supply (WITHOUT TANK)
This water pump can be used to supply water to control dust when cutting or drilling concrete. Simply connect to your water tank and turn on.
It includes the pump,short hoses, battery and charger.

For a system with integrated an water tank see our other water supplies for dust control.
5 Gallon Supply (Battery Powered)
3 Gallon Supply (Manual Pump)
Diamond Core Drill, EZ Core Center Mount
The Core EZ System is a new way of coring. Instead of a standard base to the side of the core bit, The Core EZ uses an anchor and shaft INSIDE the core bit for fast, easy placement and no anchor holes outside the core that is being removed.
Drilling horizontally is simple with this lightweight system. It is especially useful when drilling overhead or at heights on a wall.

Core EZ System: Includes - grinder, gear box, shafts, drill attachments, and wheeled carry case.

Sometimes referred to as a cement drill, hammer drill, concrete drill or concrete boring tool or a concrete masonry hole saw
Dry Coring Vacuum Attachment
This core drill vacuum attachment simply threads on between the drill and the bit.
It sucks up the dust through the inside of the bit.
We recommend it on the core drill rig, but it can be used on a hand held core drill

Sometimes referred to as a cement drill, hammer drill, concrete drill or concrete boring tool or a concrete masonry hole saw or a concrete hole saw or coredrill
Rent a Diamond Core Drill,  Hand-Held, DRY DRILL
This Cardi hand-held Micro-Percussion dry core drill rental is ideal for drilling small holes (under 5 inches in diameter) into concrete and stone without water.
Start drilling with the Percussion turned OFF to get bit started. Then twist collar to align red marks and begin drilling
A Concrete Vacuum or equivalent is required
Rent a Jackhammer , Gas, 90lb Stand Up Jackhammer
This US Hammer engine-powered jackhammer is designed for heavy concrete breaking, and is the best concrete breaker around. Equivalent to an Air Powered 90 LB Jackhammer. Requires no air compressor or hydraulic power pack. Simple and easy to use, low vibration and low noise compared to air and hydraulic.
Rent a Rock Drill
This American Pneumatic Model 155 rock drill rental is available with bore diameters from 1-1/2 to 2 inches and shaft lengths from 2 to 6 feet.
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