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Air Scrubber Rental, Negative Air Machine, 500 CFM
This Dri Eaz and Ermator HEPA air cleaner rentals are designed for restoration jobs to reduce mold, oily aerosol particles, and more!
The required filters are:
HEPA Filter (Included) - Used to remove mildew, mold, and airborne contaminates (New HEPA filters avaliable for purchase. The included hepa filter is a used filter that may have been used on previous rentals)
Pre Filter (Required) - Extends the life of the HEPA Filter - $16
Carbon Filter (Optional) - Removes odors - $16
Breathing Air Filter System, Includes Hood
Rent this breathing air compressor when working in dusty enviroments. Simply plug it into any 3/8-inch air line off of even a small electric compressor. This breathing air system is not to be used in a hazardous enviroment.
Clemco Wet Blast Injector Kit
Clemco’s Wetblast Injector System (Water Blaster) adds the dust-suppressing power of water to any pressure blast machine. The Wetblast injects a small amount of water into the high-velocity abrasive/air stream just before the nozzle.
This hard-hitting mixture of water and abrasive cleans and keeps dust levels under control turning the Clemco Sand Blaster into an effective Water Blaster
Insulation Vacuum Rental. Intec Vortec Vac
Rent the Intec Vortec Vac with a 22 horsepower gas engine for fast removal of insulation in a do-it-yourself package. A 6x12 enclosed trailer (2-inch ball hitch with a flat 4 light plug) is included with your rental for easy transport. 325 feet of 6-inch hose and 50 feet of 4-inch hose are also included with your insulation vacuum rental and are stacked in the trailer.
Ozone Generator Rental 1500Mg (Ionizer)
This Total Zone ozone generator rental removes light odors in most living spaces in four to six hours and vehicles in two to three hours. If the source of odor (burned wood, smoke on walls, mold, etc.) is not removed, the unwanted odors will return after the treatment. For best results use this ozone generator rental as the last step to a clean, odor free space.
Rent a Grand Northern Safe Strip Soda Blaster
This soda blaster rental cleans delicate items that require low impact. Soda blasting can replace corn cob blasting. Soda is a soft material that removes surface materials, such as grease, oil, and other nasty stuff from virtually any substrate, without damage. It can even remove graffiti from many different surfaces. Rent our Grand Northern soda blaster and be sure to get the latest technology in soft blasting. We sell bags of soda (Soda - Basic, Summer and Profile mixes), and will take the time to help you get off to a good start.

Click here to veiw our selection of blast media.
Rent a HEPA Vacuum, 130-150 CFM
The Dewalt HEPA vacuum rental works great for dust control especially for concrete tools due to its pulsing motor feature. Adaptors and a floor attachment are included with the Dewalt vac.
The Ermator S13 HEPA vacuum is perfect for hand held grinders, electric hand held concrete grinders, and any morter or wood dust applications. Vacuum wand included
**HEPA filters must be purchased if using the Dewalt HEPA vacuum for lead paint, mold, asbestos, or hazerdous dust**
Rent a Wet Vacuum with Squeegee and Auto Pump Out
This wet vacuum rental does it all. Use the Squeegee wand or attached 3' squeegee bar to quickly vacuum up water. The built in pump will pump the water out with the included discharge hose...no stopping to empty the vacuum! Ideal for cleaning up basements after flooding and any other application that requires complete water removal.
Rent an Intec Cyclone 120V Insulation Blower
Can be used to blow cellulose or fiberglass insulation. Your insulation blower rental includes hoses and a remote control. Rent the Intec Cyclone insulation blower and we'll give you instructions enabling you to blow insulation into attics and other places. We do NOT sell insulation.
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