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Air Shear Rental For Rubber Pavers
This Lancaster-County-Made tool will shear those "hard to cut" rubber pavers used in horse stalls and other areas where rubber pavers are used for low impact rubber pavers. Trying to cut those with a utility knife takes time and results in rough edges. Power tools all seem to gum up around the cutting edge. Connect this tool to any small air compressor, activate it and watch the shear slice through cleanly.
Air-Spade 2000 Air Excavation Tool (150scfm)
Air Spade rental, or Supersonic Air Knife rental, is designed for tool-less excavation for applications ranging from tree removal and root exposure to utility locating, keyholing, potholing, and crack, joint and valve box cleaning. Sometimes referred to as an air lance or tree air excavator or root excavator.
Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Rental
The Wire Stripper Strips all sizes from #18 wire to 250 MCM, Diameters from 0.100" (3mm) up to 0.79" (20.1mm) including ROMEX and braided (stranded) wire

Drill required to power Wire Stripper **Not Included**
Fuel Tank Rental - Refueling or Primary Source
Fuelcube 248 Gallon Diesel Tank w/ 110% Full Containment w/12V Pump. Can be used as the primary fuel supply by connecting it to a stationary machine or as a refueling station via the included dispenser. Requires only one 12 volt battery to power it. Power leads included. Unit does not have lifting hooks, but may be hoisted aloft using lifting straps under the bottom of the tank.
Mini-Ductor Bolt Buster Heat Induction Tool Rental
Heat and removed seized nuts, bolts, bearings, fasteners, sensors and more without a torch. The Mini Ductor 1800W Induction Heater Tool is safe and does not affect the area around the seized or rusted metal. Also known as a bolt heater, nut heater or induction wrench
**Works on ferrous metal only (has iron)**
Does not work on Aluminum, Copper, etc..

Rent a Chicken Plucker, 1.5HP
The Yardbird Chicken Plucker takes the hassle out of back-yard chicken processing. Fully defeathering a bird in 15 seconds or less, the Yardbird revolutionizes what is typically the most painstaking and messy chore of processing a chicken which can take up to 30 minutes plucking by hand.
Rent a Roof Tear off Machine
For fast removal of roof coatings like rubber on flat or low slope roofs and decking, use the Gator Roof Tear off machine.

With a pivoting, elliptical motion head, the Gator Eraser roof ripper efficiently removes roof coatings while keeping the entire blade in constant contact with the roof surface.

Rent a Scalder, Propane, 10.5 Gallons
Use your own propane tank or rent our 20lb Propane Tank

Rite Farm Products 5 in 1 Propane Pro Scalder. Huge main aluminum pot with pour spout has a 42 quart capacity (40 liters)
(10.5 gallons). Includes Steam, boil, and fry basket with handle, steam rack, 42 quart aluminum pot with pour spout, 28,500 BTU burner, fully adjustable propane dial, thermometer, lid, hose and regulator to connect to standard propane tanks.
Rent a Stone Splitter, 50 Ton
Crossville Stone Manufacturing 50 Ton Stone Splitter. Unique machine used by masons to trim and shape natural stone and rock for whole stone or facade layouts.
Rent Standing Seam Bender 18'
Malco’s ER3 makes straight edges and also adjusts for making curved bends! The center roller station of the ER3 is also independently adjustable, with outer roller stations retracted and locked, to allow for bending on a curve.
Rent the Shingle Hog
Rent the Shingle Hog to remove old shingles. It can remove one, two, or three layer roofs and keep you standing upright while you use it.
Ride-On Sweeper w/6' Wire Broom
Lay-More 6HB ride-on sweeper. Here is a recent communication on this machine........"Our colleague Joel Nissley is ecstatic. He has discovered that our Laymor Sweeper clears stones out of grass quite well. He did a test run here at the Hill".
It also dethatches the grass well!!!
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