Product ID: CVE21
Dirt Conveyor Rental For Basements, Crawl Spaces
Details of Rental Item
Frame Length When Hitch Removed
Frame Height When Removed From Axle
Frame Width When Removed From Axle
Belt Width
Power Required
110 Volt AC - 20A
Tow Hitch
2" Ball
Generator Required
5000 Watt
Frame Width At Motor (Top) End
495 lbs
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Move loose materials such as dirt, gravel, debris, and much more
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These Portable Dirt Conveyor Elevators are lightweight and compact. They fit into basement windows and cellars and are ideal for excavating dirt and rubble. Shown with the dolly, these Portable Dirt Conveyors can move loose materials like dirt, gravel, and debris at up to a 45 degree incline efficiently. Note that the dolly is typically removed with a few quick latches before using the conveyor. Then it will fit through many windows, down into basements and crawl spaces. The rubber belt has plastic paddles to move the dirt upward. Sometimes referred to as a dirt elevator or conveyour or convair or elvator or elvater or Convayer
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