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Carpet and Rug Steam Cleaner Rental
This Clarke BEXT100H hot water extractor rental is designed to be easy to use, productive, quiet, and portable. This small compact carpet cleaning extractor is 40 times more effective than a shampooer due to its 212 degree water temperature. We suggest using our included sprayer to pre-soak your carpets.

Use the Hard Surface Tile Cleaner for hard surfaces like tile, stone, linoleum etc..
Floor Buffer Rental, 13^
This Lyto floor buffer rental will help you get that shine for a professional look. Gap Power supplies pads for all your buffing needs.
Floor Scraper Rental, 5' Pole Type 3^ chisel
This Edco floor scraper rental requires a 14-15 CFM air supply to operate. Sometimes referred to as a floor stripper, vinyl composition tile VCT floor remover, linoleum stripper, ripper stripper or tile and carpet scraper. Also known as jack hammer or concrete breaker or power chisel or carpet removal tool or carpet demo machine
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