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Product ID: SNA100
5/8" x 100' Heavy Duty Snake Rental, 4-6" lines
Details of Rental Item
195 Lbs
Length Of Cable
Size of Cable
5/8" Flexicore
Retrieval and Cutter Heads
Arrow, U Cutters, Root Cutter, Retrieval Tool
Generator Requirements
3000 Watts
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This electric sewer snake uses much heavier (5/8") cable than our 1/2" x 90' model. Use this drain auger as a root cutter and debris remover for outdoor lines and other 4-6" lines.
This drain cleaner will traverse through 4" 90 degree elbows if the flex lead is installed between the cable and the cutter. Can be used in 8" lines - with caution. If using in 8" lines, be sure the blockage is not caused by heavy root growth or other extreme causes. Sometimes referred to as a drain cleaner or drain pipe auger.

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