Product ID: SNA50
Sewer Snake Rental, Hand Crank, 1/2" x 50'
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1/2 day
28 days
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This drain cleaner has the strength and flexibility to do a good cleaning job.
The General Wire X550-EM3 Open Cage Spin-Drive drain auger is a lightweight easy-to-operate manual drain cleaner for 2" through 4" drain lines. A comfortable metal handle on the crank turns the cage smoothly on self-aligning iolite bearings mounted on the front and rear of frame. A convenient carrying handle is mounted on the cage for easier portability. Equipped with Flexicore wire rope center cables, assuring you long life, as well as the strength and flexibility to do a good cleaning job. It comes with your choice of 3 different tips including a arrowhead style tip for general cleaning, a spiral "grabber" or retriever to penetrate and bring back items such as a sock; and we also offer a cutter tip to break apart obstructions such as a tree root from a pipe. Sometimes referred to as a drain cleaner or drain auger or sewer rodder.
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