Product ID: TROS48
Rent Tractor Attachment 48" Overseeder 35-60 HP
Details of Rental Item
Operating width
Machine weight
1260 lbs w/o tractor
Required Tractor HP
25-60 HP
Depth adjustment range
0 - 1.5"
Seed capacity
4 bushel
1.5 acres per hour +/-
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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We also have walk-behind overseeders for smaller jobs.

Rent this Land Pride 3-point (3pt) attachment - the best way to seed over existing sod in large areas such as lawns, pastures and sports fields. PTO driven. "A" Style Straight blades are on this unit. Also referred to as a 4' overseeder
This Land Pride Solid Stand Over seeder offers precise placement and seed-to-soil contact making it ideal to overseed existing stands of grass and establish new turf. The three way seed-to-soil contact system provides great germination and emergence with the solid advantages of a full width seeding pattern. Curved knives slice into the ground creating slits to receive the seed. Fluted seed cups precisely meter the desired amount of seed in a broadcast pattern, delivering outstanding metering accuracy. The solid cast-iron packer wheels finish the job by pressing and firmly packing the seed into the soil, eliminating most air pockets. Also known as a slit seeder, slice seeder, overseeder, over seeder, lawn seeder, or no till drill or overseader or food plot seeder Also known as a grass reseed machine or grass reseeder. also known as sliceroverseeder or split seeder.
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