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Rent a Straw Blower, Skid Mounted
Details of Rental Item
800 lbs
3 bales per minute
Discharge Distance
55' in still air.
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Whether you want to mulch your newly planted seed or be compliant with job site erosion this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get the job done right.
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Finn B-40 Strawblowers efectively mulch baled straw and disperse it on the ground as an evenly distributed blanket. The results save contractors both time and money by reducing and using labor and materials more efficiently. Strawblowers are a cost effective tool for job site erosion control compliance as mandated by federal EPA requirements. Mulched straw also provides insulation to newly planted seed. The Finn B-40 Strawblower is aerodynamically engineered, and features, a large fuel tank and heavy gauge steel throughout. The drive system generates a discharge velocity exceeding the wind speed of a Class 5 Hurricane. This unit is mounted on a skid for easy skidloader or forklift manuverability. Sometimes referred to as a bale chopper or straw mulcher or bail shredder. Used after a Rockhound, Preparator, Harley Rake, Gill, ATI tiller or landscape tiller.
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