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Rent a Sandblaster & Sandblasting Equipment
Details of Rental Item
Sand Blaster Hose Length
50 Feet (extra 50' avaliable)
Blasting rate with #4 Nozzle (1/4 orifice)
30 min continuous blasting @ 100 psi (2 cu. ft.)
CFM Requirements
151 CFM
2 cubic feet of blast media
Jet Mag Production Rate
350 sf/hr
Jet Mag Consumption Rate
500 lbs/hr
Jet Mag Consumption Rate
2 to 4 lbs/sf
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This Clemco sand blaster rental has a two cubic foot capacity and allows you to do sand blasting of almost any surface. It requires a 185 CFM air compressor.

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This high-performance sandblaster rental has a versatile blast cleaning system that removes contamination, corrosion, mill scale, and coatings from most surfaces. This produces a uniform surface texture and creates a surface profile to increase bonding for coatings. The operator controls blasting from a remote control handle at the nozzle. Pressing the handle starts blasting, releasing it stops blasting. This sandblasting equipment contains abrasive and meters it into the compressed air stream.
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