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Product ID: GCONF25P
Concrete Grinder/Polisher Package, (Vac/Trailer)
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The Lavina L25GE 25" Propane Grinder and Polisher with a 110V Ermator S36 Vacuum ready for rental in its own enclosed trailer is the perfect choice for your large grinding and polishing jobs. CLICK HERE for detail steps on grinding and polishing. Understanding the process will go a long way to making your job go smoothly. Sometimes referred to as a concrete sander.
The Propane Grinder and 110V Vacuum make this grinding package a highly portable, easy to setup Grinding and Polishing System. The Onyx modified propane Kohler engine with Catalytic Converter and CO2 Alert is great for regular continuous indoor use without the need for an electrician to hookup single or 3-phase electric. The 120V 20Amp Vacuum uses a common receptacle.
Use the MOHS Hardness Test Kit to determine the hardness of your concrete and choose correct diamonds (Provided at no charge with your rental)

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