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Product ID: GCONF25E
Concrete Grinder/Polisher and Vacuum Package, Elec
Details of Rental Item
Grinder Weight
754 lbs
Grinding Pressure (weights up/down)
348-428 lbs
Voltage (Grinder Only)
1 or 3 phase x 200-240V, 30 amp
Voltage (Grinder and Vacuum - Single Phase)
Single Phase 220V, 50 Amp
10HP / 7.5KW
71x28x48 in
Vacuum Weight
183 lbs
Voltage (Vacuum Only)
Single Phase, 220V, 20 amp
31x25x54 in
Cords included
2 x 100FT 50A, 6 Guage
Pigtail included
50A Twist Lock to open end
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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The Lavina L25E 25" Electric Planetary Grinder and Polisher with a 220V Diamopro SVX3-A Self Pulse Vacuum ready for rent for large grinding and polishing jobs. Especially well suited for interior appications where low noise or no fumes are a requirement. CLICK HERE for detail steps on grinding and polishing. Understanding the process will go a long way to making your job go smoothly. Sometimes refered to as a concrete sander.
The SVX3A has a 50A distribution box built in to power both the grinder and vacuum on one 50A single phase cord eleminating the need to run a cord to the vacuum and a seperate one to the grinder. The grinder can be run by itself on 1 or 3ph 200-240V 30Amps.
Includes 200' of 50A, 6 Guage cord
The hose/cord combination from vacuum to grinder is 25'
Total reach from power source to grinder: 225 ft.

Note: the distribution box on the vacuum cannot be used to run the grinder in 3 phase. If running the grinder in 3 phase the grinder will need to be hooked up directly to the power source. 50' of cord come with the grinder to run 3 phase.

Use the MOHS Hardness Test Kit to determine the hardness of your concrete and choose correct diamonds (Provided at no charge with your rental)

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