Product ID: LAWAEW
Aerator Rental, Self-propelled, 25", 8.5 HP
Details of Rental Item
Billy Goat
435 lbs
Total Width / Aerating Width
Aerating Depth
Hydrostastic Drive
0-4 mph
1 Acre Per Hour
Length x Width x Height
67" x 35" x 46"
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Rent the Billy Goat Plugr Hydrostatic Aerators for rejuvenating a lawn.
We also have a larger aerator for tractors with a 3-point hitch.

Use this machine to get greener, healthier grass
The new hydrostatic Billy Goat Plugr is so revolutionary that it is changing how the industry looks at aerating. It is as easy to operate as a walk-behind mower. It features a true variable speed hydrostatic drive system that aerates both forward and backward and allows the operator to actually zero turn while aerating without having to raise the tines to turn. This unit is more than 50% more productive than traditional aerators and without the operator fatigue associated with traditional aerators. Sometimes referred to as an airrator, airator, airrater, airirator or air-rator, Aerorator aireator, yard areator, arator or a plugger or aereator or aeroator or Airiatere or airiator or lawn spiker or air raider or Aerotor or Aeratir or erater

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