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Heater Rental, Heat Exchange, 110,000 BTU
Uses Kerosene and is perfect for workshops, greenhouses, farms, warehouses. ***25' duct included***.
DRI-EAZ Dragon 3600 Mobile Furnace/Indirect Heater
Wacker HI 110 Indirect Heater
HeatStar HS1000ID Indirect Heater
Propane Tank, 100LB
All compressed cylinders (any type) MUST be transported in a secured, upright position.
Tanks may not be transported in the trunk of a car or the front seat of a vehicle."
Total weight of compressed cylinders (tanks + compressed gas) may not exceed 1,000lbs.

TO BE RENTED ONLY WITH RENTALS FROM GAP POWER THAT REQUIRE PROPANE (not available for rent as propane tank only)
Rent Therm Dynamics Flameless Heater 600K BTU
The 600,000 Therm Dynamics flameless towable heater is one of the most reliable heat sources for any jobsite or remodel in large commercial buildings. There is no open flame or burner. Watch the video below to learn more about heat plate flameless technology.
Showing 1 - 25 of 25
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