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Product ID: HEAEXC
Heater Rental, Heat Exchange, 110,000 BTU
Details of Rental Item
Wacker HI 110
17 Gal Tank/.81gph/ 18hr runtime / 1000CFM
HeatStar HS1000ID
17 Gal Tank/.81gph/ 18hr runtime / 880CFM
Frost Fighter IDH200QR
20 Gal Tank/.8gph/ 17hr runtime / 780CFM(120K BTU)
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Uses Kerosene and is perfect for workshops, greenhouses, farms, warehouses. ***25' duct included***.
DRI-EAZ Dragon 3600 Mobile Furnace/Indirect Heater
Wacker HI 110 Indirect Heater
HeatStar HS1000ID Indirect Heater
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Our oil indirect fired heater has high output, high thermal
efficiency and high airflow and is ductable up to 25 feet (duct included). Output of 110,000 BTU/HR with a 150 degree air output temperature.

Cubic foot of area x .133 x desired temperature rise = btu size needed
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