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Product ID: SCONE16HC
Weka Cut-Quick Saw Rental, High Cycle Electric, 16" Blade
Details of Rental Item
Power requirements
230V 20A
QUICK 220 requirements
2 x 120V 15A
4000 Watt
Blade Diameter
Cutting Depth
Water Supply
Requires water, NO dry cutting
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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The Diamond Products Weka High Cycle 16" Hand Held Saw is a high power electric saw that rivals gas engine saw power. Electric hand held saws have notoriously low power and a slow cut. This High Cycle Saw changes that and introduces higher power and faster cutting in an electric hand held saw that can run on residential power sources.

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The TS40 High Cycle saw uses the FU6D Inverter to provide the required High cycle electric to run the TS40 saw. A water hookup is on the inverter with a water connection between the inverter and saw. Because the water flowing through the inverter and saw keeps the machines cool while running in addition to controlling dust, it is not possible to run this system without water.
The included adapters allow the 16" Electric Concrete saw to run on either a 30 Amp Dryer outlet or by using the included Quick220 device, 2 standard 120V 15 Amp outlets.

Sometimes referred to as chop saw, wet saw, wet concrete saw, pavement saw, cut off saw, demo saw, demolition saw or cutoff saw or concrete cutter
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