Product ID: CHUTE50
Trash & Rubbish Plastic Chute Rental 50' High Max
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28 days
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Upper bracket w/ hopper is "clamped" to a parapet wall or similar structure.
50' max height trash chute made up of (14) 48" tall, 30" diameter overlapping tubes connected to each other with chains, and at the top to a hopper.

There are brackets available to hang and support the trash chutes within a scaffold tower - but we are not yet stocking those.

We are including in the rental price a lifting mechanism designed to pull the assembly up as you add more chute sections at the bottom.
A user could also do it with a forklift or crane.

It is possible to incorporate more hoppers so that debris can be pitched into the chute from multiple floors, but at this point we only have one, for the very top of the assembly. Sometimes referred to as a trash shoot.
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