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TrakFast Nailer Rental; For Block, Soft Concrete.
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Fasten stucco wire & wire lath to concrete with 3/4" pins and 1" round stucco washers. The tools have a magnetic holder. Simply place one washer on the magnet before each shot. The pins are (10) per clip. A contractors favorite, speed wire lath jobs up by 500%. We supply nails, washers and fuel cells. Cordless, battery powered with fuel cell..
Use the Simpson tool outside for fastening waterproofing to concrete. Fasten Exterior Lathe, Furring to concrete or cinder block, fasten reveal strips. Fasten Track to Steel, hat channel to concrete or block, lath to concrete or block, Ceiling grid or over carpeting.
The tool is the first totally automatic tool for attaching drywall track, lathing, and furring to concrete or steel. The power source is completely self-contained, making set up and mobility as fast as a powder tool. It loads up to 40 pins at once, and packs enough fuel to last more than 1000 fastening before re-loading. A ten foot length of track can be attached to a concrete floor in less than 5 seconds. You could do it faster, but we don't recommend running on a construction project. Sometimes referred to as a Trakfast tool or Trackfast tool or Hilti track tool or mason nailer, or masonry nailer, or masonry gun, or stucco wire nailer, or wire lathe nailer
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