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Product ID: LEVLSL
Slope Laser
Details of Rental Item
Grade Capacity
+/-25% grade
Beam Range
2,600 ft diameter
Leveling accuracy
± 0.5 mm/10 m, 1/16“ @ 100 ft, 10 arc seconds
Grade accuracy
± 1.0 mm/10 m, 1/8“ @ 100 ft, 20 arc seconds
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Applications: - Leveling concrete forms and footers - General construction... and many others
Determine Slope: Rise/Run x 100 = slope percentage
Includes: Grade pole, tripod, and receiver
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This automatic self-leveling laser does three jobs - level, grade and vertically align with plumb. It sends a continuous, self-leveled 360-degree laser reference over your entire work area, and has a wide grade range so it can be used in a variety of slope applications. Very long operating range of 800 m (2,600 ft) for the laser increases machine control capability and reduces setups over the jobsite.
Applications: - Leveling concrete forms and footers - General construction - General construction vertical alignment and plumb such as anchor bolt and form alignment - Grading and excavating - Concrete sections with runoff for sports fields, tennis courts and driveways - Steep slope road embankments and ditch banks - Parking garages, ramps and drainage. Sometimes referred to as a lazer or Rotary lazer

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