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Siding Nailer Rental, Hitachi
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Hitachi - lightweight, easy to use
Requires 70-120 psi - We supply siding nails
When it comes to designing nailers, Hitachi keeps the end user in mind. Their siding coil nailer, engineered for serious siding work, impressed us with its light weight (only 4.6 pounds), which does wonders for your arm (not to mention your productivity) toward the end of a long day. The NV65AH also has a great grip --it's rubberized, and, unlike a lot of other tools, it's also a width that normal-size humans can get their hands around. This nailer's got an easy-to-operate depth-of-drive adjustment as well, to countersink or flush-drive nails, and a smooth firing mechanism. The air deflector pivots 360 degrees--a nice, user-friendly feature.
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