Product ID: SNAC200
Sewer Camera Rental. 200' with Sonde/Locator
Details of Rental Item
Fits in pipe
3" - 10"
Camera Resolution
USB Port or wirelessly
MIlwaukee Monitor or Pipeline Inspection App
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Standard equipment includes camera, display hub, locator, batteries and charger.

Find exactly what object is blocking your pipes, then use the locater to find exactly where the blockage is. Record everything you see on the built in USB Port or connect wirelessly to your device to record pictures or video. Has Color, Self-Leveling Camera.
Sewer pipe cameras like this Milwaukee Pipeline Inspection System are used for pipe imaging even in D.I.Y. do it your self situations. Often the largest hurdle is in locating trouble spots. Once located precisely with this camera in conjunction with the sonde & locater, a lot of guesswork is gone. At Gap Power Rentals we take the time to explain proper use before you leave and are available to you during the project. Milwaukee Pipeline Inspection Systems have a wide variety of uses such as in-line inspection of sewer and drain lines, septic tanks, service laterals, chimneys, HVAC ducts and much more. This unit is for 3" - 10" pipes and has LED lights at the end of the color camera for visibility. When you spot the blockage or obstruction in your pipe use the locator over the ground to find the exact placement of your color camera, this feature is useful if you need to dig where the blockage is located. Sometimes referred to as a camera snake. Often used in conjunction with a sewer auger or drain auger, or a sewer jetter.

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