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Product ID: TRATI80
Rent Tractor Attachment. ATI Preseeder..80"
Details of Rental Item
80 inches (77 inches when angled)
Tractor Requirements
25-45 HP w/ 3-point hitch
1225 lbs.
Depth (do Not use for primary tilling)
1-2 inches (3 inches in soft, tilled dirt)
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Pre Seeder is best for new lawns - It levels, rakes, and tills all at the same time. PTO driven. Use in preparation for lawn seeding /w tarctor.
What makes the ATI model 805 Preseeder landscaping RotoTiller better than the rest? The 3pt (3 point)Preseeder landscaping tiller was designed from the beginning as a landscaping tiller, not just a rock rake. It's built to produce the best possible seedbed at just the right depth. Rotor design generates an aggressive tilling action-perfect for grass root development. This soil agitation breaks up hardpan and dirt clods and shaves off the high grade. It also moves soil in front of the machine to fill in low spots. The compact design permits easier maneuvering in tight areas. The multi-position hitch adapts the Preseeder landscaping tiller to the tractor being used. Keeping the tiller close to the tractor aids stability.Also known as a Rockhound, Preparator, Harley Rake, Gill, ATI tiller or landscape tiller. sometimes referred to as a Rock hound or preperator or Soil conditioner or cultivator or power rake or yard stone remover. Sometimes called a earth leveler or lawn leveling machine

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