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Product ID: SHIHOG
Rent the Shingle Hog
Details of Rental Item
Compressor Minimum
2Hp, 4cfm
Blade Width (Shingle Hog)
15 inches
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Rent the Shingle Hog to remove old shingles. It can remove one, two, or three layer roofs and keep you standing upright while you use it.

Height-adjustable handle for improved ergonomics and productivity
* Ergonomically-design activator "trigger"
* Durable heat-treated steel teeth
* Uniquely designed air exhaust to help keep inside of housing clean
* Uniquely designed bottom plate/wheel combination to reduce friction and increase ease of movement
* Lightweight design for ease of carrying and use
* Operates on minumum 4 cfm 2 hp compressor
* Works on nailed and stapled roofs
* Removes one, two or three layer roofs
* Requires little maintenance, but engineered for ease of maintenance when needed
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