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Product ID: CONSERT6
Rent Diamond Tooling for Dual Disk Grinder
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28 days
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The price includes sets of 6 Inserts, is per day, and includes as many grits as necessary to achieve the desired finish.

Grits of Diamonds avaliable: 14 grit through 120 grit
Grits of Resins/Polishing Pucks: 50 grit through 1500 grit
Strip-serts - Removing mastics
PCDyma-serts - Removing hard coatings, prep for grout, thinset or overlay

Type of diamonds used dependant upon hardness of floor. MOH's Hardness Scratch Test avaliable at no charge to test concrete.

(This assumes all the tooling is used on this grinder only and is not used concurrently on multiple grinders)

Tooling is also avaliable for purchase.

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