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Product ID: INSBLO3
Rent an Intec Force 2 Insulation Blower w Remote
Details of Rental Item
260 lbs
Length, Width, Height
36", 36", 45"
Output (Ideal Conditions: 50ft hose, straight run)
30-40 lb/min cellulose (1800-2400lb/hr)
Output (Ideal Conditions: 50ft hose, straight run)
9-11 lb/min fiberglass (540-660lb/hr)
Remote start/stop
150' cord
Blower hose
3" x 150 feet (three 50' hoses)
2 x 15 Amp Circuits, 120V (5000W Generator)
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Can be used to blow cellulose or fiberglass insulation. Your insulation blower rental includes hoses and a remote control. Rent the Intec Force 2 insulation blower and we'll give you instructions enabling you to blow insulation into attics and other places. We do NOT sell insulation.
The remote control on this Intec insulation blower rental enables the operator in the house to start and stop the machine. This sure beats yelling or trying to use phones or radios and hoping for the best.
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