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Product ID: APPSC650
Rent an Appliance Cart, Electric Stair Climber, 65
Details of Rental Item
650 lbs
Weight (of Stair Climber)
100 lbs
24"W x 17" D x 60" High
Rental Rates
1/2 Day
28 days
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Move your heaviest items, such as safes, stoves, refrigerators and much more with this Powermate L-1 650 pound capacity appliance cart rental. This appliance dolly can climb stairs. Also known as a motorized hand truck or motorized hand cart or an escalara Sometimes referred to as a power dolly
*****It is always recommended to practice using the stair climbing appliance cart before ascending or descending stairs with a full load.****
The center of gravity changes when the wheels engage the step and lift the toe plate.

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