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Product ID: APPSC
Rent an Appliance Cart, Electric Stair Climber, 12
Details of Rental Item
Weight Capacity
1200 lbs
Max Fork Lift Height
Min Fork Lift Height
Lift is removable
Can use toe plate instead of forks
Fork Length
3 Load Straps - Strap Position
height from floor: 18", 33", 48"
68"H x 24" W x 38.25" D
181 lb
Rental Rates
1/2 Day
28 days
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Move your heaviest items, such as a gun safe, stoves, refrigerators and much more with this Escalera 1,200 pound capacity appliance cart rental. This appliance dolly can climb stairs. Also known as a motorized hand truck or motorized hand cart or an escalara

Equipped with the Escalera Stair Edge Detection system for descending stairs.

The removable lift/stacker attachment allows for removal of loads from vehicles without having to make a large step and functions to balance the load while stepping by moving the weight higher on the hand truck. Sometimes referred to as a power dolly
*****It is always recommended to practice using the stair climbing appliance cart before ascending or descending stairs with a full load.****
The center of gravity changes when the lift arms engage the step and lift the wheels.

The Escalera Stair Climbing Appliance Cart moves loads up and down stairs smoothly and efficiently. Load balance is key when going up and down stairs and the Escalera stepping method allows the user to maintain a consistent angle and balance compared to rail style climbers.

The lift attachment or "stacker" allows loads to be lifted off of vehicles and docks without having to step down them. The lift also allows for loads to be positioned at the correct height on the stair climbing appliance cart for the best balance while stepping.
For example: a heavy load at the bottom edge of the cart can make it difficult to hold the appliance cart at the correct angle for stepping. By using the lift to move the load higher, the center of gravity moves towards the user allowing for much greater control with less effort.

When going down stairs, the stair edge detection system automatically places and locks the wheels at the correct position at the edge of a step to begin the descent. This helps to insure the cart does not accidentally roll off the edge of the step.

Lift attachment is removable to allow use of low profile toe plate.

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