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Product ID: LAWAER
Rent an Aerator, Stand on 30" zero turn, 22HP
Details of Rental Item
1015 lbs
Aerating Width
Adjustable Depth of Plug
Top Speed
7.5 MPH
2 acres per hour
Length, Width, Height
65" long, 48" wide, 53" high
Plugs per square foot
prox. 5
Number of core tines
Lift mechanism
Powered, foot switch (Stinger)
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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***Seedboxes now included***

We also have a larger aerator for tractors with a 3-point hitch.

Rent the latest and greatest in Turf Aerators. With the integrated seedbox, this aerator works extremely well to overseed while aerating.
Ever since 2012, users have raved about the handling and speed. This Stinger Lawn Aerator will core to 3" deep depending on soil conditions. Expect less than 3" in dry, hard conditions. If you want to roll the lawn to take out bumps do it before using this.
You can use the integrated seed box for overseeding while aerating.
It has advantages over using an overseeder, mainly it's easier. Remember though that true overseeding with an overseeding machine will still give you the best germination rate. Know that overseeding this way will require more seed to reach equal germination.

Sometimes referred to as an overseeder, airrator, airator, airrater or air-rator, aireator, yard areator, arator or a plugger. Or as a riding aerator, Aerorator, ride on aerator or lawn seeder or overseader or aereator or aeroator or Airiatere. Also known as a slit seeder, slice seeder, overseeder,over seeder no till drill or lawn seeder or overseader or airiator or lawn spiker or air raider or Aerotor or Aeratir or erater
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