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Product ID: SNAJET12
Rent a Trailer Sewer Jetter, 3000 PSI, 12gpm, Gas
Details of Rental Item
3000 PSI
Gallons Per Minute
High Pressure Hose
1/2" x 300 Ft
Water Tank
200 Gallons
Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 33HP Gas
Trailer Brake Recommendations
Electric Brake Controller in Tow Vehicle
Weight Approx
1900 Lbs. Empty. 3600 Lbs. Filled
168"L x 68"W x 62"H
Tow Vehicle Hitch Recommendations
Frame Receiver w 2-5/16 " Ball
Tow Vehicle Minimum Size Recommendations
Full Size Truck - 1/2 Ton
Included Pressure Washer Wand/Hose
50' 3/8"
Trailer Wiring Plug Configuration
7-Way Blade Style 1-5/8" Dia. Round
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Rent the Harben Eliminator large sewer jetter, trailer mounted. Use Anti-Freeze system in water jetter for cold weather storage & transport. jetter
12 gallons per minute will make short work of unclogging pipes to 12" diameter. Over 12" possible depending on debris type. As a general guideline begin cleaning the pipe from the lowest (downhill) side. This allows loosened debris to be flushed out. Keep in mind that the most common nozzles direct all or most of the water back in the direction of the hose and the operator. Do not begin operation until the hose has been pushed into the pipe a safe distance. The JM-2512 has a hose vibrate feature that enables the hose to be more easily pushed through the pipe. Turns in the pipe may be easier to maneuver through after reducing pressure output. Cleaning the jet hose is done with the on board pressure washer wand/hose. Sometimes referred to as a hydro jetter or sewer jetter or drain jetter or tow behind jet or tow behind jetter
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