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Product ID: SNA90
Rent a Sewer Snake, Electric, On Wheels, 1/2"x90'
Details of Rental Item
Length of Cable
Size of Cable
1/2" Flexcore
Cutter Heads
ClogChopper, Arrow Head, U Cutter, Retrieval Tool,
Generator Requirements
3000 Watt
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Use this unit for up to 4" pipe. This snake is outfitted with the revolutionary cutter, ClogChopper.
The Easy Rooter Junior drain auger drives up to 100 feet of 1/2" cable, using the same heavy-duty motor that we use on the Easy Rooter. The machine rolls on eight inch ball bearing wheels and has a wheel break to lock the machine in position on the job. A plated folding handle makes it easier to load into a car trunk. The zinc-plated cage can be removed in less than a minute. The reinforced powder coated steel frame is built to take heavy duty use and abuse. A "roll bar" protects the motor when loading the machine into car trunk. A ground fault circuit interrupter, air actuated foot pedal, and safety slip clutch is included. It comes with your choice of 4 different tips including a arrowhead style tip for general cleaning, a spiral "grabber" or retriever to penetrate and bring back items such as a sock; and we also offer a cutter tip to break apart obstructions such as a tree root from a pipe. Sometimes referred to as a drain cleaner or drain pipe auger or sewer rodder.
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