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Hitachi - This is one of the best roof shingle nailers out there... easy to use!
Requires 70-120 psi - We supply roofing nails
This is without question one of the toughest, best-built roofing nailers on the market. The side load is a great improvement over having to turn the tool over to fill your magazine, and loading literally takes a few seconds. Adjusting the drive depth is just as quick and easy, accomplished by turning the knurled knob. It's got a smooth, clean design that leaves it perfectly balanced in your hand, and it's so much lighter than it looks, at 5-1/2 pounds, thanks to Hitachi engineering. The rubber grip is comfortable and gives you a great, secure hold, and rubber pads give the nailer a little traction on steep surfaces. Its bounce-fire mechanism will keep up with even the fastest roofer, but we think picking up the optional sequential-fire mechanism is a good idea for situations where absolute precision is key. It uses wire-collated nails, 7/8 to 1-3/4 inches, and the magazine holds 120 fasteners. Most roofers just accept nail jams as an occupational pain, but this Hitachi is exceptional in its performance, shooting off coil after coil without a moment's trouble. To top it off, this is one of the most rugged steel armatures on the market. Professional roofers will love this nailer, and if you're a brave do-it-yourselfer, this nailer is easy to use. You cannot go wrong with this roofer.
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