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Product ID: POSTP
Rent a Post Pounder, Stake Driver, Ground Rod Driver
Details of Rental Item
Blows Per Minute
Barrel Diameter
3 1/8" Inside Diameter
Barrel Reducer (Included)
3 1/8" to 2" Inside diameter
Barrel Reducer for Rebar (included)
3 1/8" to 3/4" Inside Diameter (1" fits)
45-49 lbs
Drive 2x2 oak stakes
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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The Titan PGD3200 or US Hammer GDP70 are the ideal, gas-powered, portable pounder for T-posts, fence posts, and smaller posts such as 2x2 oak stakes.
Includes adapters to drive grounding rods & rebar. Can also be used as a tent pin driver or tent pin hammer.
The Titan and US Hammer Post Pounder and Stake Driver
Applications: Many types of fence posts, round wooden posts, silt fence, tent stakes, sign posts, vineyards, rebar, grounding rods, t-stakes, electric ground rods (with the ground rod adaptor) etc...
For optimum performance, keep 10-12lbs of pressure while using. This also prevents dry firing which can damage the hammer.
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