Rent a Paint Sprayer, Electric, Airless
Details of Rental Item
Hose length
50 Feet
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Paint whatever you need with this easy to use paint sprayer
Runs at 3300 PSI/ 0.45 gal/min
Low cost Daily Paint Sprayer Tips are available for purchase. See the Tip Selection Chart for proper sizing
NOTE: The best way to determine the exact tip size needed is to refer to the paint can or manufacturer's website, recommended tip sizes are almost always published. Ask a Gap Power Team Member if you need assitance with this.
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Designed for the painting professional, who paints daily. The HiBoy cart has a hose rack, pail hook, retractable handle, is made of welded steel and is chrome plated for durability as well as easy clean-up. This is a reliable sprayer and will out perform and outlast competitive sprayers. This is the perfect sprayer for regular daily use. Constructed using the proven Graco Endurance Pump, this sprayer is built to last. These pumps feature long life V-Max Blue Packings, a Chromex Rod and hardened stainless steel cylinder. The Graco Contractor II 2-finger gun that comes with this sprayer has a in-gun filter that resides in the handle to help ensure a clean spray.
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