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Rent a Magnetic Drill Press, Low Profile
Details of Rental Item
Max Bit Size (Jancy/Fein)
1 5/8"
Min Material Thickness
6-5/8 in
16-1/2 lbs
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Fein extremely small and lightweight 1-speed compact magnetic core drill with angular gearbox and minimal dimensions for cramped spaces in the workshop and on the construction site.
Extremely small and lightweight for working in cramped and difficult to access workplaces-also vertically and overhead-thanks to a construction height of just 6-5/8 in.
Extremely wear-resistant and long-lasting tool concept with play-free pinion feed for precision drilling results in tough applications in industry and trades.
FEIN 1,100 W stable speed high-performance motor with tacho electronics and clockwise/reverse running drive for high cutting speed operation in all applications, such as core, spiral, tapping and countersinking.
Fixed drilling motor for work in cramped workplaces.
High gear level for optimal view of the hole location.
Space-saving, double-sided operation via ratchet.
Easier tool positioning, thanks to a low weight of 16.53 lbs.
Tilt sensor.
Simple and error-proof control concept in the operator's field of view.
Convenient magnetic holding force gauge.
Electronic speed control.
Inner cooling lubrication by means of hand pump.
"Memory function" speed storage

Also known as a electromagnetic drill or mag drill or magnetic drill

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