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Product ID: HEAI118
Rent a Heater Val 6 118,000 BTU Infrared
Details of Rental Item
Fuel Capacity
15.1 Gallons
Dry Weight
88.2 Lbs.
Fuel Consumption
.85 Gallons Per Hour
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Val 6 infrared heaters warm you and your materials the same way the sun does - via infrared. Heat objects, not the air, and see the fuel savings add up. Can be used as a patio heater.
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Cost Effective
Val6 KBE5L heaters use 2/3 less fuel than oil heaters and 1/2 less than propane heaters and do a better job.

Durable and Dependable
The steel frame, alloy face plate and low maintenance keep these heaters running in all kinds of weather.

With less smoke, fumes, and pollutants, no noise, no wind you hardly notice them but for the warmth.

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