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Rent a Grout Mixer, Concrete, Electric, 3 Cubic F
Details of Rental Item
250 lbs (3-4 bags)
Mixing speed
Paddle speed
280 rpm
187 lbs
120V, 15 Amps
Dimensions LxWxH
32" x 24" x 33"
Water Supply Required
Has a garden hose hookup
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This Imer Mud Mixer continuous electric mixer rental mixes everything from concrete mix with aggregate to mortar mix and other smooth mixes like floor leveler, stucco and grout. The continuous mix function with metered water feed gives a consistent mix at speeds much faster than traditional electric spin mixers. The hopper can hold approximately 4 bags of mix..
Sometimes called a grout mixer, floor level mixer, Imer mixer, dry pack mixer or a cemento mixer or a mezcladora de cemento
The IMER Spin 15 110volt continuous mixer is the ideal portable mixer for efficiently and quickly mixing all types of pre blended material. Mortar one day, stucco the next, or high strength grouts the day after, or make them all in one day without any waste. The IMER Spin 15 is designed to be easily portable and produce just the right amount of material that you need. Its on demand mixing system allows you to mix up to 1 - 50lb bag per minute.

For flooring contractors the IMER Spin 15 is the ideal mixer solution for making self leveling underlayment or pre blended dry pack mortar beds on demand.

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