Rent a Grand Northern Safe Strip Soda Blaster
Details of Rental Item
Compressor Required
Tow behind 185 cfm
Air volume & PSI required
Approx 185 GPM at 100 PSI
Blast Soda - Basic
Low Humidity, Light Applications
Blast Soda - Summer
High Humidity, Light Applications
Blast Soda - Profile XL
Heavy Applications (i.e. paint from masonry)
Soda Blaster VS. Sand Blaster Media Rate
1 to 1.5 lbs soda/min VS. 5 lbs sand/min
Removal Rate - Mold (light application)
10 sq ft/min
Removal Rate - Smoke damage/Paint from masonry
5 sq ft/min
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This soda blaster rental cleans delicate items that require low impact ush as mold removal on wood. Soda blasting can replace corn cob blasting. Soda is a soft material that removes surface materials, such as grease, oil, and other nasty stuff from virtually any substrate, without damage. It can even remove graffiti from many different surfaces. Rent our Grand Northern soda blaster and be sure to get the latest technology in soft blasting. We sell bags of soda (Soda - Basic, Summer and Profile mixes), and will take the time to help you get off to a good start.

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***Media Usage example for removing mold off of a ceiling***
1000 sq ft ceiling X 2.5 (to account for joists) = 2500 square feet divided by 10 sq ft/min removal rate for mold = 250 to 375 lbs of media needed for the job (referencing 1 to 1.5 lbs soda used/min.)

Advantages of soda blasting:

Nontoxic to workers and environment
Non-corrosive to almost all substrates
Non-abrasive, single-pass media
No pre-cleaning or masking required
Easy clean up


Graffiti removal
Fire/smoke cleaning
Mold cleaning
Wood/metal cleaning
Paint removal
Mobile equipment
Marine applications
Machinery finishing
Engine components
Printing presses
Food equipment

Sometimes referrred to as mold removal machine or mold removal equipment.

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