Product ID: FLOSE30
Rent a Floor Scraper, Walk Behind, 30LB Jackhammer
Details of Rental Item
Weight (Jackhammer & Cart)
172 lbs
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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Includes a standard point, 3" chisel, and 6", 8",12" scraper blades. Specify which blades you want.
Works well for removing ceramic tile.
An impulse blow is required to break through the high bond strengths of today's mastics, glues and thin set materials. The unique design configuration of this jackhammer floor scraper rental allows the operator to work in a more productive, upright position and significantly addresses jobsite exposure to knee and lower back related concerns. A wide range of industry standard, 1 1/8-inch hexagon x 6 inch shank accessory tools, including chisels and scraper blades, are available to meet a variety of labor intensive, floor covering removal applications. Sometimes referred to as a floor stripper, vinyl composition tile VCT floor remover, hammer trolley, linoleum stripper, ripper stripper, or tile and carpet scraper or carpet removal tool or carpet demo machine
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