Product ID: LAWDEW
Rent a Dethatcher, Self Propelled, 20", 5 HP
Details of Rental Item
Overall Width, Dethatcher Width
28" 20"
Height, Handle Up, Handle Down
41" 24"
Length, Handle Up, Handle Down
36" 23"
Rental Rates
1/2 day
28 days
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This BlueBird dethatcher uses flail blades to remove thatch more effeciantly than tines.
Free-swinging flail blades efficiently remove matted thatch with centrifugal force. This design provides excellent thatch removal and reliability proven over nearly four decades in the demanding rental equipment environment. This de thatcher is moved with a self-propel system for easy manuverability. Sometimes referred to as a lawn scarifier or a verticutter or verti cutter or a dethacher
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